Introduction: Bag Airplane

It's like easy glider, but it's very stable in air because it has something like cargo bag under its nose.

Step 1: Materials

You need:

1 A4 or letter size paper

Tape or glue

...and this all !

Step 2: First Folds

First take top right corner and fold it to meet other edge and open.

Next do it again on the other side, and flip paper over.

Then fold it along its lenght to 3.4 inch before end.

Flip paper over again and fold it into triangle (picture 4-6)

Step 3: Making Bag

Get left flap and fold it to nose, then repeat.

Take it once agan, but left point must be folded to center line and repeat.

Use glue to one of the flaps and wait.

Step 4: Making Wings

Fold plane along its wide.

Next take first wing and fold it to meet center line.

Repeat to other site.

Your plane is ready !

Step 5: Flying

Throw it with medium strenght and watch it fly !