Introduction: Bag Made From Old Pj's

Step 1: What You Need

Some old pj's
Some thread
A needle
String or wool for a crochet chain
Buttons (optional)

Step 2: Wondering

Finding the size for you bag, there isn't a specific size so the bigger the better I say

Step 3: Lookin Good

Find other material that looks nice for the bag ( I chose the border on the arm)

Step 4: Nice and Tidy

Make you edged nice and uniform as its better when sewing

Step 5: Duplicate

Make sure you make two side so you can make the bag .......

Step 6: Cutting

Make sure that the two bottom corner are rounder by cutting them

Step 7: Together

Put the material together (one on too of the other) the start sewing the bag leaving around 1 insh on the top ( make sure you sew them upside down as you will turn the bag inside out

Step 8: Nearly Done

When you have done the outside turn it inside out

Step 9: Presentation

Now add the strip/strips of the material onto the top where the string shall pass through

Step 10: Crochet

I didn't have any string so I whipped up a chain of brown crochet wool which made a perfect rope

Step 11: Sew the Flap

Sew the flaps down so there is a gap for the rope to pass through ( when doing this I would recommend that you keep the rope in it first ) I put the string in it by threading it in with the needle

Step 12: Tidy

Tidy up everything and then add buttons to the end of the string/ rope ( it's up to you if you want buttons)

Step 13: Finally

Then once your done out your beloved items in the bag for me I put my gaming headset in ;) hope you enjoyed comment for what I should do next x

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