Introduction: Bagage or Survival Tag.

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This is fairly self explanatory so I don't exactly think it deserves an instructable. That being said, lets continue! weather your hiking on a dangerous pass or flying to somewhere exotic, it's always a good idea to have some sort of Identification so people can identify and help you in an emergency.

You will need

clear packing tape


a pen


and as many zip ties as needed

First you must cut your strip of paper to the size needed and create some pointers for things such as your name, address, phone, special information(medical or otherwise), and phone numbers of other people you know. After you do that then deliberately  wrap it in packing tape. This will keep it protected and water proof. Then after you trim  the sides, punch holes in the top of the tag. This will allow you to put the zip ties in. You may ask why to put zip ties in instead of string or paracord. The zip ties I use have breaking strength of 75 pounds and they can easily be attached to your bag or your clothing. Remember, this is an amateur project and I would recommend you  might make some changes to the attachment if you are to use this in a wilderness situation.