Introduction: Bagazines

Bagazines are a fun and affordable way to express yourself. They only require household materials which is great if you are on a budget. Bagazines provide a great oppurtunity to bring out your inner fashionista whilst saving the Earth one magazine at a time.

Step 1: Gather Magazine Clippings

You will need the following material:
3 Shoe Laces
Magazines of your choice
Cardboard box

Step 2: Gather Magazine Clippings

Use magazines that have designs to your liking and inspire you. These clippings can be in any shape or size. Pick out any magazine clippings that you like. You may cut them out to make them look neat, or tear them to give your Bagazine more of a retro look. (We tore them.)

Step 3: Covering the Cardboard Box

*Be sure to remove the side of the box that you intend to use as the top of your Bagazine.

Put together all of your magazine clippings. Lay out the clippings in a collage or in any design you wish. Tape or glue the clippings to the box-inside and outside.

Step 4: The Strap

First, braid the 3 shoelaces together. Then punture a hole in both sides of the Bagazine. Knot the strap through each of the holes.

Step 5: The Flap

Find a cardboard flap that is big enough to go over the top of your Bagazine. Cover the cardboard flap with additional magazine clippings.

Step 6: Attaching the Flap

Cut 2 rectangular pieces of cardboard. You can choose to cover these with magazine clippings. (We chose not to.) Set the flap in place. At the back of the Bagazine, place the two rectangular pieces of cardboard on top of the flap, connecting it to the box. Secure the rectangular pieces of cardboard with tape/glue.

Step 7: Velcro

Attach one piece of velcro to the inside of the flap and one onto the box. This makes your Bagazines sealable. 

Step 8: Calculations

The Bagazine is extremely eco-friendly. As mentioned before, the bag is made mostly from recycled materials.

This bag saved approximately 832 square inches of magazine paper. (We found that calculation by finding the area of each magazine clipping that was used and added them all together.)

The volume of the bag was about 348 cubic inches.

The surface area of the bag was about 332 square inches. 

(Calculations are shown above.)
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