Bagel Boy

Introduction: Bagel Boy

My 2 year old insisted on being a bagel for Halloween. Super simple and cozy on a chilly Halloween night :)

Used an old beige sheet and traced a large mixing bowl lip 4 times. Cut out the 4 circles. Cut out an additional small circle in the center of each larger circle to be the bagel hole (traced very small mixing bowl lip to keep even).

On ONE circle, which served as the front of the costume, sewed on individual clusters of black beeds to look like poppy seeds. The more randomly laid out they are, the better it will look.
(I could have put beeds on the back -- but it would have taken too much time. Though, in restrospect, would have been worth it, since from behind some kids thought he was a donut :)

Sewed together two sides - worked inside out, just like making a pillow -- and stuffed, like a pillow.  Four circles make one bagel for front of costume, and one for the back. Using brown fabric spray paint, lightly painted around bagel to give natural toasted bagel look.

To hold the costume on - sewed brown ribbon onto the shoulder area of both sides (4 ribbon pieces total), and then sized up on the wearer and tied ribbon in a good comfortable spot. This way you can adjust the fit for other wearers.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, MY two-year old is also insisting on being a bagel! Your costume is amazing! I know this seems crazy, but would you be willing to sell that costume? I would love to buy it from you. Please let me know. We love it!