Introduction: Bagel Deliciousness

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First you will need a cutting board. Don't use a plate or your counter. Get a cutting board.

Step 1: Selections

Now select your bagel. I have a three cheese bagel. You may not have this type. However, this instructable will work with ANY type of bagel.

Some bagels are pre-cut and if you have this type, skip this step. Select a knife to cut your bagel. Your knife should be serrated and at least as long as the bagel is wide. If you don't have a serrated knife, get one. They come in handy.

Step 2: Action Required

Carefully set the bagel on its side. Place the knife as close to the middle of the bagel and commence the cutting.

Step 3: Cutting Action Complete

Once you have gone through the entire bagel it should automatically separate. Step complete!

Step 4: Appliance Required

Now get out your toaster. You could do this in your oven on broil. However, that heats up the house and would require a sheet pan and a oven mitt. Those are not required in this instruct-able. Select the bagel setting. (if your toaster is not equipped with a bagel button you will need to flip the bagel around half way through the toasting procedure). Place your freshly cut bagel into the corresponding slots. Select the toasting level for your deliciousness. Depress the lever and wait....

Step 5: Apply the Layers of Flavor

Once your toasting levels have been reached, remove said bagel from the toaster. Select your layers of flavor you wish to apply. I went with a savory combination for this example (unsalted butter and cream cheese). But don't limit yourself to this every time. Try a sweet profile by adding jam or jelly. Move to the edge of crazy town and try peanut butter and honey.

Step 6: Admire and Consume

Now take a moment to rest and admire what you have achieved up to this point. All of this hard work deserves a reward. Pick up your bagel and consume...

Have Fun with your food!!

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