Introduction: Baguette (French Bread) Pan/Mould Under 1$

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I ♥ to make breads, mostly whole wheat though. I was thinking to buy Baguette pan online (I'm from India), but those were quite expensive (around 30$) for me as I'm more of a hobby baker. So I thought to make one on my own. To start with, I did not had any complex tools to make this. Under 1$, because the only cost you will bear is of the aluminum sheet. If you can get perforated aluminum sheet it will be much better.

Step 1: Items Needed:

  1. Aluminum sheet( 12" x 24" )
  2. Sand/grit paper or fine filer
  3. Pipe (6-7 cm Diameter)
  4. Two wood sheet (plywood will work, with fine edges)
  5. Few hand tools like hammer and plier

Step 2: Prepare Your Sheet

First sand the sides of the sheet as it will be sharp. I've not bordered the sheet as it will be difficult to mould it. Then draw lines like shown in the first image (I'm using both Metric and Imperial systems, that is because the sheet I purchased was in inches but while working I need cm for more fineness). Start with center and draw a line. Then on both sides, 3 cm, 9 cm for the curve, 3 cm, 6 cm. I checked online and most of the pans had curve of 6 cm. To get 6cm diameter we need 6x3.14/2=9.42 cm.

Step 3: Few Tips

As I did not have any sheet metal breaks or rolls, I just used two wood sheet for bending and a pipe for rolling. The first images shows the steps we will do with the sheet. The second image shows how can you bend the sheet and third shows how you roll the sheet.

Step 4: Roll on One Side

Now we will start by rolling on one side. Place the pipe in center on any of the 9cm part. You can see a small cylinder above pipe, that is coz the pipe I had was 5cm in diameter. But then I realized that 5cm pipe will also do. Now apply pressure on top of pipe and pull the sheet from both sides. Doing this your sheet will look like step 2.

Step 5: Bend in Center

Now place the Aluminum sheet between two wooden sheets, such that the center line is exactly at the edge of bottom and top wooden sheets. Now apply some pressure on the top wooden sheet and then on then aluminum sheet to bend it around 90 degrees. You can use hammer to make the edge more better. This edge has to be bent more by hand/plier so that you get a very narrow peak and you sheet will look like step 3.

Step 6: Roll on Another Side

Roll on another side and you will have a shape of "W" as shown in step 4.

Step 7: Bend Sides

Now we will bend the sides to make the pan more sturdy. You will have a as in step 5/6 after this. This is our final step. After this you will have the require structure. Clean it off and you are ready to bake. I used a thin sheet in this instructable as I did not have tools to bend it. So it is not that sturdy. If you are putting loaf on it, first put the pan on a baking tray then put the tray in oven. If you have the rite tools you can use thick sheet also.

Step 8: Final Test

The final test proved out great. Though I messed up with dough a lil bit as I was in hurry to post this Instructable as am putting it in Metal contest. But still the Whole wheat and oats Baguette turned out great. So guys if you like it please vote it. Thanks.

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