Introduction: Bait Trap for Fishing

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Minimalist version of a bait trap designed to catch small crayfish and fish. Perfect bait for crappie, smallmouth, and sunfish. The big ones are even better catfish bait.

Step 1: To Begin

You will need -
*Hot Glue Gun w/ Glue sticks
*Wire that is Waterproof (mine is thin wire with a thick plastic coating and you will need quite a bit)
*Waterproof Tape
*Screen or Wire Mesh
*Nylon Rope

Step 2: The Base:

You will need Two circles made from wire that are close to 5 inches in diameter (about as big as your hand when flat). Ignore the smaller circles, they were just to see if the tape would hold. Then the rest of your wire will be used to make four support beams - they will be about 10 to 12 inches (The size of an adult male's shoe xD) In the picture you can see the skeleton of this project before it has screen wrapped around it, but it is missing a beam. And for the last bit of preparation you will need a rectangle of screen that will wrap around the circles and that is about 12 inches or so long.

Step 3: Glue:

In the picture I removed the four support beams to illustrate the gluing process more clearly, but added them in a later process. When the beams are in there it doesn't bend so well. You are going to want to go ahead and make the skeleton. just place one circle on a level surface and attach the four beams in a square fashion - nice and neat for structure. Then attach the other circle when ready. I used hot glue to do this for extra flexibility, but really I found out that it isn't needed. Some super glue would do the trick or epoxy... maybe...

To glue this thing just get your glue gun nice and warm. Then you are going to start with one end of the screen and wrap it around. Fold the end of the screen towards the inside of the trap for about an inch (the picture explains it better).Then glue one of the circles in place. starting from that circle you glue the seam down the middle - then the last circle.

At this point you should have a tube, it is a rough looking tube, but a tube none-the-less.

Step 4: Decisions:

This trap is a one way trap: meaning that one end is going to be open and the other closed. Many conventional traps are two way having cones on both side. For my purpose of smaller fish and crayfish I believe one hole that is facing against the current will work better. But you can build a two way if you would like to. Just change this step a bit.

To make it the way I did just simply make a cone with your screen, cut it to size and glue it in there. For the other side just glue a circle of screen on the opposing end.

Two cones for a two way trap.

Step 5: So?

Okay just admit it - that glue job looks terrible.... BUT not to worry! We have tape and lots of it! Just go tape crazy to cover up the ends. Mainly this is just to add some weight, seal all of the edges, and help the water flow to be localized.

For the door you can add a zipper to one side, a little latch, or whateve. I just cut a slit down one side lengthwise, from circle to circle, and put tape on the inside of it to seal it. Works pretty well

You will also need to attach rope to it. I would recommend doing as the picture shows. If you put the rope on just one side or just in the middle there will be too much stress on just one spot with how it was made. If a stronger material was present, you may be able to get away with just one point of attachment. Just cut through one side and then the other, string it up, and there you have it! Simple and cheap!

Step 6: Testing:

The bait - How I do the bait is wrap your attractant in cheese cloth or leggings. If you want small fish wheaties or corn works well and crayfish love fresh cut and cored apples cut into slices.

I placed a few small rocks to help with the total weight and flung it out there. It was easier to throw than my other two. Now to leave over night and get the results!

Step 7: Success!

I was after these little guys and got about 15 or so. 6 in the small trap! and I even caught some fish with the bait. :) (also have a picture of this beautiful red eye)

Please leave questions and comments! Thanks!

Happy Fishing!