Introduction: Baitcast Rod & Reel Assembly- Ready to Go Fishing

Have any of you ever had a really hectic day and can only think, “I wish I was doing something relaxing, like fishing.” It happens all the time, especially to those who love interacting in the outdoors. For someone who has a moment where they “wish they were fishing” but does not know how, that is about to change. This illustrated how to is going to explain, step by step, how to properly assemble and rig a bass fishing rod, reel, line, and lure.

Step 1: Equipment

Step 2: Assembly

Screw reel in reel seat.

Step 3: Line Assembly Part 1

Feed the line through the rod tip, continue feeding through the rest of the eyes.

Step 4: Line Assembly Part 2

Feed the line through the line guide on the reel.

Step 5: Line Assemble Part 3

Feed line through 2 spool holes, then tie knot.

Step 6: Line Assembly Part 4

Cut the excess line from the knot.

Step 7: Line Assembly Part 5

Reel the line in while holding the line taut to prevent clutter.

Step 8: Final Line Assembly Step

Stop reeling once the spool is 3/4 full.

Step 9: Lure Tying

Feed line through eye and pinch it with about 3 inches towards the end.

Step 10: Lure Tying

Twist the pinched line to start the knot.

Step 11: Lure Tying

Run line through bottom loop (first loop) then back through the top loop (second loop) then pull both ends of line for the tie.

Step 12: Final Lure Tying

Tighten the knot and clip the excess line, but leave a little to spare.

Step 13: Go Fish!

Clamp the hook through the hook clip for safety, so the hook has less possibility of hooking stuff through contact.