Introduction: Baked Alaska Ice Cream Pie (3.14 Layers With Raspberry Ice Cream!)

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I Always wanted to go to Alaska for the aurora. However I never got the chance for it...

But hey, at least let's travel with our tongues first with this baked Alaska Ice cream Pie so that we can put the aurora on our dinner table!

You can make a super easy version (with store bought ice cream and cake), or challenge yourself with homemade ice cream and cake too! Super fancy when you serve this as a dessert for a dinner party, they will be amazed, trust me.

Also, as I always make 2 layers of ice cream, this one is a Pi day special so I made 3.14 layers (one more layer of ice cream and a little bit extra cake bottom) and I used home made raspberry ice cream! So, a frozen raspberry pie....

Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients

You will need:

-for the ice cream bottom: 3 flavors of ice cream (I used coffee, raspberry and grapefruit, they are all homemade), a chocolate cake bottom (I used leftover homemade Devil's Food Cake)

-for the Italian Meringue: 2 egg whites, 1/2 cups of sugar, 1/4 cups of water, half a lemon (or 1 tsp cream of tartar) for a more stable meringue.

Well, the ice cream don't need to be measured, you can use as much as you want. You don't need to homemade everything--store bought ice cream and cake would do the job just fine too! It's just as a food blogger, I had too many leftover ice cream and cakes...

Step 2: Prepare Your Icecream Bottom

Choose a bowl for your desired size of your pie (I made 4 servings as this was for a dinner party), and use the bowl to cut a circle on the cake.

Put plastic wrap inside the same bowl, and put 2-3 scoops of coffee ice cream for first layer. Put 1.5-2 scoops of raspberry ice cream on top of it and make it the second layer.

Step 3: Set Aside the Ice Part

After putting the 3rd layer (the grapefruit ice cream) inside, you can put the cake bottom on top of it. Now put a plate on top of it and flip the whole thing. You can now put all of them into the freezer before serve.

---And you must know now why I suggest to use the same bowl for scooping icecream... I love the feeling of a perfect fit!----

For me, I put some extra slices of cake underneath the large piece to make an "extra" layer-- I hope it's 3.14 layers, but who knows, aurora is not that predictable too lol

Step 4: Prepare Italian Meringue

In a mixing bowl, put 2 egg whites, and squeeze 1 tsp lemon juice to make it more stable. Whip the egg white till soft peak.

Step 5: Add Your Sugar Syrup

In a pot, put the sugar and the water in it. Heat it to a boil and until it reaches 240°F. Take it directly to the mixing bowl and while it whipping- slowly pour the syrup into the bowl and continue to whip on high speed.

You will see steam come out of the mixing bowl, and that's totally right- the heat of the syrup will cook the eggwhite!

Step 6: Decorate and Blooooow It

Whip until the egg white reach a stiff peak. Take the ice cream base out of the freezer, and decorate it whatever pattern you like (it doesn't matter, after you use the blow torch, everything will look fantastic!)

Use a blow torch to burn the outside, or you can put it into a 500°F oven for 5-10 minutes for the same result.

I prefer Blow torch tho, it's easier, quicker, and most important, much more fun!!

Step 7: Now Eaaatttt

After you slice it, there will be a beautiful aurora in it, you can already serve like this on a dinner party, but for a better result, use flame on it!

And look at those layers... Even it's not a perfect “π”, it is definitely a perfect pie!

Step 8: Optional: Flame

For Flame, you can simply heat some liquor (I used brandy) on the stove until it's warm (don't boil it tho). Light it carefully with a long match or lighter, and pour it over the pie.

I will upload my homemade ice cream and home made devil's food cake in both Instructables and my website too, so please follow me for more recipes in the future! And yes, vote for me if you like it!

Bon Appetit!

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