Introduction: Bakenbitz Knex AK-47 Model

First of all this is only a model, IT DOES NOT SHOOT!

I would build this gun over most of the guns that do shoot just because of the sheer looks,although it is not the easiest gun to build it is not impossible.

If you need any help with steps or more pictures I can get them to you just ask.

Step 1: The Front Barrel

A Very easy step, you won't need any help.

Step 2: The Front Hand-Grip

This is a tricky and lengthy step, just keep your cool and have some patience. Read the notes for more help.

Step 3: Main Body

This is the outer shell of the body of the Ak, look at the pictures carefully, they are quite difficult.

Step 4: Body Support

Very easy step, think of it like an interior barrel :P

Step 5: Magazine

Another easy step, but can be hard to understand at first.

Step 6: Handle

Once again, very easy.

Step 7: Sight

Easy, just pay attention to the pictures.

Step 8: Stock

Quite easy again

Step 9: Different Parts

Just follow the pictures, I will be naming every part for future reference.

Step 10: Put Together Body

Follow the pictures, pay close attention to the notes.

Step 11: Add Supports to Body

Follow :P

Step 12: Put Together Front Half

Very, very easy step!

Step 13: Add Stock and Handle


Step 14: YOU ARE DONE!

Now go and enjoy your model of an Ak-47!