Introduction: Baking Bread Twists Over a Fire

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This is a simple and fun way to make bread twists over the fire. Have fun!

Step 1: Making Your Dough

The first step is making the dough. You can really use any bread dough recipe, this is just the one have used before.

Bread Twist Dough

3 1/4 cups flour

1 tsp. yeast

3 tsp. salt, or less, according to taste

1 1/2 cups warm water (100° F)

Pour warm water into a bowl, then add salt and stir. Sprinkle yeast in until it has dissolved. Add flour and mix until all flour is moist. It will be sticky.

Let stand for 3 to 4 hours to rise.

Step 2: Make a Fire

Create your fire. There needs to be at least a few embers to help bake the twists.

Step 3: Make Your Toasting Stick

This step is very simple. All you need is a pocket knife and a stick. Your stick should be around the width of your thumb, and long enough that you don't have to stand to close to the fire. After you have picked your stick, simply whittle the top end so that the bark and other things that have been on the stick aren't on your bread.

Step 4: Add Cheese

Take a little lump of dough and knead it together with about the same amount of cheese until the cheese is evenly divided in the dough.

Step 5: Rolling Your Dough

With the cheese well kneaded into the dough, your going to roll the dough out into a long strip as seen above.

Step 6: Begin Twisting

Begin twisting your dough around the clean end of your stick. If dough begins to fall, gently press it into the stick.

Step 7: When All Twisted

When you have twisted your dough, it should look something like the picture above. It can have more twisted then I put on, but you always want to make sure the dough is not touching. Since it will rise, you don't want it to call come together as a big clump.

Step 8: Begin Toasting

Begin toasting your dough over the fire. Every few seconds you want to turn it so that it browns all over. It will take about five or so minutes. If you think it is done, but aren't sure, break off a little piece and see if it's baked in the middle.

Step 9: Finishing

When it is done, it will be look a nice toasty brownish color like the one above.

Step 10: Eating It

Using your fingers, you can peel the dough off the stick. It tastes the best hot, so don't wait to eat it!

Step 11: Enjoy!

Enjoy your bread twists!

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