Introduction: Balance Bike Bicicleta De Balance

I designed this simple balance bike for my 2 year old daughter. Look to use easy-to-get materials and complement it with 3d printing. Using reinforced PVC pipes and drilling some holes I was able to achieve firmness to support a 12 kg baby. I suppose that reinforcing the impressions and making with more resistant materials can be used in larger children. as a concept it worked. Later I will make modifications to the design to adapt it to older children


pvc pipes 110 mm x 1

pvc pipes 40 mm x 2

wheel 100 mm x 2

3d printed parts

Step 1: 3d Printed

with a standard 3d printer with a 22x22 bed and a 0.8 nozzle you can achieve a fast impression

Step 2: Assembly of the Parts

cut the pvc pipes as best suits the child taking into account the height of the wheels. in the 110 mm tube make 2 holes that pass from side to side so that the 40 mm tube passes. place the prints at each end and then cut through the 40mm tubes. doing this you will get the frame of the bicycle and then it only remains to place the handlebar seat and wheels