Introduction: Balance Lamp

A lighting mobile, were balance is achieved in various positions, letting you use the light for different purposes.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Lamp materials:

1m. LED strip

Gypsum powder

5m. Cable

Power tranformer for LED strip

1''x4''x2.4m Oak plank

Counterweight materials:






Volcanita screws

N5 plugs

Insulating tape



Step 2: How Does It Work

The lamp is made out of two wooden strips. One is attached to the ceiling and the other has a LED strip.

The cable goes from the light, to the strip on the ceiling, goes throught it, and then down to the wall socket. Strip 1 hangs from strip 2 by the cable.

Strip 1 has a counterweight to change light direction

Step 3: Wood Process

Cut the plank to two strips of 1inch.

Carve the strips as indicated.

Assure strip 2 to eh ceiling with the help of the screws and the plugs.

Step 4: Counterweight

Sew the bag with the indicated measures.

Fill with rice.

Note: this dimensions are the result of the calculus of momentun, resulting in a certain weight, that equals that volume in rice. If the materials were changed the weight needed to achieve balance might be different.

Step 5: Putting It Together

Assemble the diferent parts.

Join the cables.

Put the counterweight were you want in order to achieve the desired inclination.

Step 6: Working Result