Introduction: Balance a Checkbook

How to balance a checkbook in 10 easy steps!



Step 1: Record All Transactions

Write down any thing you have bought or any money you have recieved over the past month.

Step 2: Write Down Bank Charges

Monthly Bank Fee.

Step 3: Add Any Deposits

Any amount of money that came into your account.

Step 4: Subtract All Credits

Any amount of money that was taken from your bank account.

Step 5: Outstanding Checks

Check that we’re not processed the previous month.

Step 6: Errors From Bank

Record any bank errors that you have seen on the online banking or your bank statement.

Step 7: Loan Payments

Any Loans you have taken out.

Step 8: Previous Charges From Before

Previous charges that have not come through on the previous balance.

Step 9: Confirm All Charges

Check off all Charges on the list and make sure you have accounted for all of them.

Step 10: Balance

Look at final balance and make sure you are not over drawn on your account and you either have money left over or broke even for the month!