Introduction: BalanceCam by Rich Shumaker


The BalanceCam came out of a need I had to film myself even when I didn't have someone to help film or a tripod. I wanted something small and easy to set up and carry with me. I had been experimenting for years with different methods and one day I stumbled upon a helmet mount for filming yourself. The helmet mount was great but it was permanently mounted to something(namely a helmet), it was also expensive. I looked around at what I had handy that might work and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE the BalanceCam was born.

The BalanceCam allows you to create 360 degree selfies and it turned out to be a New Contact Juggling Prop. It allows you to be hands free while filming and requires skills to make it do what you want, like any other prop does. By balancing the BalanceCam on your head your hands and body are free to do other things ;).

This new prop allows any flow toy or prop artist to get something that is vital to the growth of the artist, FEEDBACK. Now you can see yourself in 360 degrees and see if you are in the correct position without having to ask a teacher, mentor, or friend for feedback. I use the Hero and Hero 3 for my videos but you could substitute any camera, including a camera phone or the Raspberry Pi with Camera Module. You also don't need to use 2 cameras you just need to counter balance the camera you do use.

Contact Juggling is a form of juggling in which the prop or props stay in contact with you body(or mind). The term Contact Juggling was coined by James Ernest in the book with the same name. James is now a famous game designer.

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Added 6/2/2014

I totally forgot the first video that flipped the switch ON the BalanceCam idea, it was MicBergsma GoPro tip #17 and it started the ball rolling and literally flipped what I was doing. Check it out and you will see what I mean

The helmet cam video I watched later proved what I was doing would work. Thanks MicBergsma!!!

Step 1: Step 1 - Parts and Pieces for the BalanceCam

BalanceCam Parts and Pieces

Less is More and KISS - Keep it Simple Stanley(or some other S word)

I tried to use as few parts as possible for this build


2 - Cameras(of Equal Weight) - OPTIONALLY One Camera and One Counter balance - If you only have one Hero Cam then you can buy a second underwater housing and fill it with BB's(or some other material) to match the weight

2 - Myachi or any other been bag -

2 - Rare Earth Magnets

1 - Threaded Rod - Match the threads in the handle of the monopod

1 - Steel Cross Dowel Stabalizer for the Threaded Rod - Make sure to match the Threaded Rod

My Threaded Rod and Steel Cross Dowel were 1/4-20

Step 2: Step 2 - Assembly of BalanceCam

Assembly of the BalanceCam is fairly straight forward

Step One - Add Steel Cross Dowel Stabalizer to the threaded rod

Step Two - Attach Cameras to the MonoPods

Step Three - Attach the Magnets to both sides of one Myachi - Stack the Myachi's in an X pattern

Step Four - Attach Cameras to the Threaded Rod with Stabalizer

Step Five - Put Myachi's on Surface and place Threaded Rod Stabalizer on top

Step Six - Extend Arms of Monopod to desired length and Balance Position - Adjust cameras for Proper Filming - Place on head or anywhere else you wish to balance it

Step 3: Step 3 - Play With Your New Prop and Go Out and Film

The last step is to use the BalanceCam and have FUN!!!!

Enjoy your new Contact Juggling Prop and have lots of fun with yourself and others.

Thanks for checking this Instructable out, PLEASE LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW ABOUT THIS COOL NEW PROP.

Rich Shumaker