Introduction: Balanced Plant Stand

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My family was suffering the winter blues. No spring in sight for a while. So I went and brought plants in hope to break the cabin fever. But I realized I only have one stand that already have dwarf lemon tree on it. Look messy and ugly with plants on carpet and those white crates. I was thinking add more crates to other side and put wood on it. But I saw and got a idea, balanced wood on the stand.

Step 1: The Stand and Tools

The stand is not a actual plant stand but the little table that was a part of outside set with chairs. I took it apart by screws. Save them! You will need a metal ring that hold the legs. You will need to measure and measure twice. You can use it as reference which you will see in next few steps.

What you need for this project are...
- The table with low ring that hold legs together.
- Screwdriver to remove the legs
- Saw, jigsaw will work best.
- Sander
- Tape Measure
- Someone's help to hold the wood for balance.

Step 2: Measure Then Cut

I got a plank board of common hardwood which is 44" long, 9 1/4" width and 1/2 thick.
As you see that I measured and used the ring as reference so I can know where I can cut and even balance it. Yes, I made a mistake on the the board by outline to cut at top, lucky I caught the mistake before I cut. All of the measures are on board in the pictures. The other side is same as this side. The edge of sides, I used the drain bowl to outline so it could match the bowl. Remember measure twice or more to make sure it is correct and do use the ring as reference.

Step 3: Put Back Together

Go ahead put it together as stated in the pictures. You would need a help with wood because it is very difficult to do it yourself. Have him/her to hold the wood so you can put the legs together. Now for final touch, sand the edge to smooth them out. I don't want to stain or paint it. Let it be au natural.

Step 4: Semi-Final

If you want to use only three plants, that's what it will look like. If you want to add one more plant. Move on to next step.

Important! Have a help with other end of board when you put the plant on the end or it will flip over and plant will fall. Balance is key.

Step 5: One More

I actually forgot about one plant so I decided to make one so quick that I forgot to take picture of the measures. It is quite simple. Measure 13" then cut 1 1/4" off. The length of the board would be measured at 28 1/2". Then have someone help you to hold the wood up so you can insert this board under the board.

Step 6: Competed

Have someone help you with balance the plants on each end.

Now you done it! Four plants on one table/stand. Now, I have to warn you make sure the plants or trees are not very heavy. So far, the stand can hold the plants weight. I nearly cracked my ribs when I put the lemon tree down from the table. Be safe and have fun.

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