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Introduction: Balcony Key Holder.

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I dont know you but in my case, finding my keys has been a daily issue. You know, with toddlers around ...well things just vanished, In one of my trips I've seen some typical little balconies where people hang their keys. As soon as I get home I just started to figure out how to replicate this nice little crafts where I could display the key rings that some good friends of mine has brought.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools.

Scrap Wood.

Acrylic paint.

Jig saw


Miniature Clay Tiles

Wood Glue

Hot Glue Gun


Step 2: Cut , Paint and Glue It.

I drew the basic shape in thin pywood, cut it out with the cutter, and glue the pieces together with wood glue.

Step 3: The Roof Is on Tiles

In the Local Arts shop I found some nice little Clay Tiles perfectly to make the roof. I started from the edge in rows of three tiles, with the help of the Hot glue gun Once I finished in one side I started with the other side and Finnally cover the Joint with two Tiles

Step 4: Accesories.

Once is finished its up to you to decorate as your wish. In this case I Carved in thin popsicles a Guitar, a shot Gun and a Machete, typical from this region, Also I made a Bag of Coffe a door and a little picture.In order to hang the Key Rings I installed three small brass hook hangers, and Finnally a Frame hanger hook.

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    6 years ago

    wow very nice, I recommend using bigger hooks, easier to hold keys.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Ok...I will next time
    Thanks for the comment