Ball Clock Feet




Introduction: Ball Clock Feet

Fix the feet on the ball clock from the 70's.

Step 1: Bad Feet

So this ball clock comes to us circa the 1970's. I bought it brand new still in the box last year. I put it all together and it is a neat clock. Sadly time has not been kind to the adhesive rubber pads that used to be on the bottom of the clock.

Step 2: Sugru Feet

Luckily the future has brought us new advancements! Sugru should make an excellent substitute for those old rubber feet.

Step 3: Remove the Feet

Since the feet are screws we need to remove them and then form the Sugru onto them.

Step 4: Make the Feet

I used a screw driver and an exacto knife to form new feet on the screws.

Step 5: Let It Dry

After forming the feet on the screws and a square foot down below, all that's left is to let it dry! No more crooked clock for this guy!

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    7 years ago

    I had one of these in the early 80s. I have been working on making a wooden one recently.
    There was a bowling alley in Green Bay WI that had a bowling ball clock built based on this design. I havent been there since 94 and dont know if it still is in existence but it was cool