Introduction: Ball Pen Syringe

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Hey guys, This is my first Instructable

Have you ever wondered "Why don't i make a hydraulic press or lift" but you realize you don't have syringes and your hospital is a mile away

In this Instructable we'll be making a syringe out of a Bic pen

Step 1: Materials

1 empty bic pen (any size)


A File

A knife

a razor

Some paper tape

Super glue tip

Hole punch

Small piece of sheet plastic

Step 2: Making the Tube

Now, disassemble your ball pen
If your ball pen has a hole in the barrel like BIC , you will have to cut it at the hole but if it's another ball pen like Schneider's there is no need.

But In my case, I'm using a bic pen so I will use a cutting knife to cut the barrel slowly, try to avoid cracks in the barrel .
Then also cut off the narrowed mouth of the barrel

Note: Not all ball pens can be used , only ball pens with plugs at the end

Step 3: Putting the Tip

Now , with your empty super glue tip
Try and see if it fits the barrel tip, if it does then use your superglue to hold it in place and also block the air holes .
But if it doesn't then use your cutting knife to scrape the thickness a bit until it fits. And there you've formed the tip

Step 4: Making the Plunger Tip

Now, we move to the plunger
Get the barrel end plug (bottom of the pen) and with your razor or knife cut off the sides keeping it from full entering the barrel.
With your file, reduce it until it is able to move through the barrel with ease and there you've made the tip

Step 5: Making the Plunger Frame (body)

Take your empty ink tube and cut 1cm longer than your syringe tube . Then cut some paper tape and roll it once around the tip of the ink tube.
After that, insert the ink tube Into your plunger tip and be sure it is tight before using superglue to make it firm and strong
Now roll some tape around the ink tube with a 0.5cm gap interval to provide stability and structure and cut out a shape from your plastic and make a hole with the puncher, glue it together and your ready to go.
Note: If your ink tube is free after using the tape, there are other alternatives like a candy stick

Step 6: Testing

Try to suck up some water and push it out

Feel free to comment and make suggestions
Further improvement will be made later

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