Introduction: Ball and Chain - for Bucks/stag Party

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It's traditional in many places for male friends to celebrate the last days of a man's single life by throwing him a buck's party or stag party. What actually occurs at these parties is never discussed afterwards, but it commonly known that the buck is often made to wear the universal symbol of matrimony; the Ball and Chain.

A couple of weeks before my own wedding day my wonderful friends abducted me from my home and clapped me in heavy irons. One one each ankle with a short chain between, and a slightly longer chain off one ankle led to a concrete ball weighing about 10kg. What followed was a full weekend of adventure and booze starting in Sydney and ending up in the tiny village of Laggan about 300km away. 

One thing is for certain I NEVER want to go through that again. 

Here is a quick ball and chain to help your friend celebrate his last days as a single man. This is a very humane model and very quick to make.

All you need is:
  • The ball. I used a plastic float from a float valve. The kind used in water troughs. If you want to be cruel to your friend you could use an old bowling ball or something equally heavy.
  • Chain. A dog chain would do.
  • A clip to attach the chain to your friend's leg. You should probably consider a small padlock - it removes the temptation to take the thing off.
  • A bolt to attach the chain to the ball. Valve floats have a convenient threaded hole where the valve arm attaches.
Put it all together and there you have it.
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