Introduction: Ball/Human Following Robot

Here are some images of the robot and a video. The tracking is not perfect, I recommend you to try and upgrade my algorithm. It's not perfect but it works fine. I won't do a full step by step tutorial, but I give everything I used here. This is my first Instructables.


Components list:

- Rover 5 chassis

- Arduino Uno

- L298N H-Bridge

- MU Vision Sensor

- 2x 18650 battery pack with switch

- 2x 18650 batteries

- Mini breadboard

- Tilt/Pan servo platform (I used one FS90 9g micro servo and one SG90S)

- Double sided tape

- Wires

- Different lengths M3 screws and nuts

- Short M3 standoffs

- Long male/male pins (optional)

- The 3D printed platforms I made (optional, if you don't have a 3D printer you can make your own platforms with something else)

Step 1: Here Are the Files for the 3D Printed Parts

Note that the Rover 5 platform I made really ins't perfect, the holes to screw the platform to the chassis aren't perfectly aligned, so you might have to force a bit to screw all 4 of them. Also, the hole for the servo might be too tight for some servos.

Step 2: Here Is the Code

Put the motor.cpp and the motor.h in the same folder as the main code.

MU Vision Sensor base code and explanations:

The motor library is from an OSEPP robot kit

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