Introduction: Ballet Feet Exercises

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Hello again! Welcome to my fifth instructable.
Today, I am going to show you some feet exercises to strengthen your arches for ballet.
You should do these daily to achieve maximum results.
If your arches are very flexy and not strong enough, then going En Pointe can be very dangerous.
Weak feet and too much foot flexibility can actually cause you roll over your box!
Remember that you can not actually change the shape of your arch without surgery.
You can only make your arches more flexible and strengthen them.

I am only twelve years old, so if you have any suggestions on how to make my instructable better, comment down below. If you have a certain instructable you want me to do, comment down below, I would appreciate it so much. Now enough talking, on with the instructable!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

What you will need for these exercises is:

A hand towel or small exercise towel

A foot roller or tennis ball

Your foot

Step 2: Exercise Number 1

Start in sixth position (feet together, parallel).

Lift it up to demi-pointe, gently stretch it over.

Bring it back to demi-pointe, and back down into sixth position.

Repeat on the other foot.

Continue alternating feet until you have done it 40 times (20 for each foot).

Step 3: Exercise Number 2

Grab your roller.

You want to roll your foot from your metatarsals (I am pointing it to it in photo one), to the front of the heel (I am pointing to it in photo two).

Make sure you roll your foot on the inside, outside, and everything in between!

Do this on each foot for a minute.

Step 4: Exercise Number 3

Point your foot and lift it off the ground.

Then circle it inwards ten times while pointing your foot.

Flex your toes and circle them outwards ten times.

Do this on each foot.

Step 5: Exercise Number 4

Start in sixth position.

Slide your foot out to demi-pointe, and point it completely.

Take it back to demi-pointe, and slide it back in to sixth.

Repeat ten times on each foot.

Step 6: Exercise Number 5

Place the balls of your foot onto the edge of your towel.

Pull your toes in, but try to keep them flat.

They will curl under a little, just try to wait until the very last second before letting them curl under.

Feel that squeeze.

Do this for about thirty seconds on each foot.

Step 7: Exercise Number 6

Start in demi-pointe.

Push off the ground, fully pointing your foot.

Bring it back down to demi-pointe.

Do the same on the other foot.

Do this for a minute, alternating feet.

Step 8: Exercise Number 7 (Last Exercise)

Do the same thing you did with the towel, except without the towel!

Do ten on each foot.

Step 9: Do Them Every Day

These will strengthen and stretch your feet.

I will post an instructable on theraband exercises soon.

In case you don't know what those are, they are basically long rubber bands.

They come in different strengths: easy, medium, and hard.

Thank you for checking out my instructable!