Introduction: Ballistic Pencil

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This pencil is modified so that when you hold down the top of the pencil, and then carefully slide your finger off, it will shoot 4 feet or more. Do not aim at any living things.

Step 1: Materials

PaperMate 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil Scissors

Step 2: Remove the Tip

Remove the tip of the mechanical pencil

Step 3: Push the Top Down

Push the tip of the mechanical pencil down so you see the copper cover.

Step 4: Snip

Snip the copper cover off.

Step 5: Remove

Remove the top of the pencil.

Step 6: Snap

Snap or cut the rest of the end off at the bottom.

Step 7: Insert

Insert the top of the pencil back into the shaft of the pencil.

Step 8: Re-attach

Re-attach the tip of the pencil back on. You may have to hold the top down while you follow this step.

Step 9: Remove and Remove

Remove the clip of the pencil if you want and remove the eraser for more thumb room.

Step 10: Ready-Aim-Fire!

To fire, hold down the top of the pencil, and carefully release your thumb then the top will launch at no living things!!!!!

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