Ballon Dog




Introduction: Ballon Dog

To start pick up your pump and a 260 balloon color your choice.

Step 1: Stretch the Balloon

Stretch the balloon to make it easier to handle later on.

Step 2: Pump the Balloon

Step 3: Tie

tie the balloon or have person help you tie the balloon if you dont know how.

Step 4: Use Your Fingers

Use your fingers to figure out the length of the balloon sections you need. I recommend for the tail 5-7 fingers varying finger size.

Step 5: The Snout

Make the snout with 3-4 finger section.

Step 6: The Ears

Use 3-4 fingers to make the ears.

Step 7: Legs Legs

Make a 4-5 finger section then make another 4-5 finger section then twist them together.

Step 8: The Body

make a 3-4 finger body then twist to end the section.

Step 9: Back Legs

make a 4-5 finger section, then make another 4-5 finger section and twist together. make sure to have at lest 2 fingers left.

Step 10: The Tail

Make the tail then tuck it between the hind legs.

Step 11: Decoration

Now that you completed your balloon dog go and decorate your dog with any color of sharpie you would like.

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    4 years ago

    These are fun to make, I used to love to make those as a kid!