Introduction: Ballons Darts

its target board using baloons as a target and usual darts!


all you need is:

1. Simple balloons (of course any type fits)

2. Wood wine stopper – its much more fun to collect them through years as a hobbit but you can buy it online

3. Darts!

Step 1: Prepare the Target Board!

1. the best thing is to collect wine wood holder through years as a habbit. If you want it here and now, you can buy it online. first, cut them to half such that you can glue it and make it eventually a board.

2. Fill about 10 baloons with air, and score them! the smaller and center the baloon, the higher score.

3. stick the baloon to the wine-wood-holder board as a target board.

4. prepare the darts!

Step 2: Just Play!

1. the game suits up to three players.

2. every player trows one dart every round.

3. as the players blow all the baloons, count the points

4. the player gets the highest point wins!

to make it more interesting, you can:

1. make the loose player to fill the baloons for the next round

2. fill the baloons with air as small as you can to make it harder

3. fill the ballons with some water just to make it more fun