Balloon Twisting- Basic Skills- Types of Twists




Introduction: Balloon Twisting- Basic Skills- Types of Twists

About: Hi, I am Tony. A balloon twisting class teacher. Nice to meet you.

Hi! I am Tony. Your balloon twisting teacher. Today, we are going to learn type of twists of the balloons.

Step 1: Loop Twist

This is loop twist.

Step 2: Tulip Twist

This is Tulip Twist.

Step 3: Pop Twist

This is Pop Twist.

Step 4: Ear Twist.

This is ear twist. You will need it to do the pop twist.

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    6 months ago

    I'm sure you're a very good balloon artist!


    Question 6 months ago on Step 1

    I am also a balloon artist, and some of the images (as I see it) are not very clear. For example: the "ear twist"......the first image is ok, but then you should have an image showing the bubble (to be made into an ear twist) BEFORE you show the bent balloon. Make a bubble, then bend the balloon, then pinch together the two ends of the bubble while pulling away, then twist. Yes, you can just twist the bubble. But outside when it's hot, the balloon might pop because the bubble is rubibing against the other two bubbles.

    Also, with the "loop twist", your hand is hiding what you are doing. Remember, you're showing beginners, so you must think as though you are a beginner.

    As for the "pop twist", I'm totally lost. I can make a pop twist. I do it from time to time when I make an aligator for example, and sometimes other figures. But remember, you're showing beginners. Also, I would include some text. I know, you want to make it as simple as possible, but some text would help.


    Tip 2 years ago on Step 3

    1st= twist 3 inches , 2nd= twist half inche , 3th= make ear twist , 4th= twist half inche, 5th= make ear twist , 6th= *take the 3 inches balloon twist with one of the ear twist couple of time*( To prevent untwist) , 7th= twist 1 inche , 8th= twist half inche , 9th= make ear twist , 10th=twist half inche , 11th= make ear twist , 12th= *take the remainding balloon part twist with one of the ear twist couple if time*( To prevent untwist). ^^


    Tip 2 years ago on Step 2

    When you push the tip of the balloon inside until the end of the other side, use your right hand to hold the tip of the balloon at the other side and twist 2 round , then push the tip back into the balloon and let the tip of the balloon being placed in the middle of the balloon.