Introduction: Balloon Twisting

About: Hi, I am Tony. A balloon twisting class teacher. Nice to meet you.
Hi, I am Tony. Your balloon twisting teacher. Today I am going to show you the simple way to tie a balloon.

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare a balloon pump and a balloon.

Step 2: Strech the Balloon.

Strech the balloon before you pump it.

Step 3: Pump the Balloon.

Place the balloon on the pump nozel, hold the balloon with your finger tip, and pump the balloon.

Step 4: Let's Tie the Balloon.

After pump the balloon with air and according to the size you want, release the air out a litle bit for you to tie the tip of the balloon, hold the tip of the well.

Step 5: Pull the Balloon Tip.

Pull the balloon tip upward.

Step 6: Pull the Balloon Tip and Place Above 2 Finger.

Pull the balloon tip place above 2 finger.

Step 7: Hold the Balloon Tip Well.

After this, hold the balloon tip and put it in between the forth finger.

Step 8: Turn Up Side Down.

Turn your balloon up side down, you will see the balloon nozel is undernerth in between the 3th and 4th finger.

Step 9: Pull the Balloon Tip Again.

Pull the balloon tip and cross over.

Step 10: Place the Balloon Tip in Between Your Finger.

After cross over, place the balloon tip in between your 2nd and 3rd finger.

Step 11: Then You Get Your Balloon Tip Like This.

This is what it looks when you get it right. =)

Step 12: Pull Down and Tie Over the Balloon Tip.

Gently pull the tie over the balloon tip and out from your 2nd and 3rd finger.

Step 13: This Is the Perfect Way to Tie a Balloon.

Tada~! This is it. The perfect way to tie the balloon and here you got on your balloon.
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