Introduction: Balloonception

So when I was thinking about what to do, all of my classmates had great things. Then I looked at some balloons and thought "Could I make a maraca or something". So I decided to put the maraca balloon inside a different balloon. The reason I did this was because the balloon inside made a deep noise like a kick on a drum set.

Step 1: Layout All Your Items.

You'll need:

2 balloons

As many marbles as you need(I used one)

A basket ball pump or you can blow it up yourself.

Step 2: Stretch Out Your Balloons.

So you can do this anyway you want but I stretched them out by blowing them up.

Step 3: The 2nd Step

Blow up the outside balloon and clamp it with a clothespin or another thing.

Step 4: The 3rd Step

In the other balloon place a marble(s) in it. Make sure that its all the way down in the balloon.

Step 5: The 4th Step

  1. Take the balloon that was blown up and stuff the marble balloon down the blown up one. Then once its almost in there deflate the outside balloon. Then grab the marble and pull the rest of the balloon inside but leave the part where the air goes in out barely.

Step 6: The 5th Step.

Now blow up the inside balloon so it also expands the outside one as well.

Step 7: The 6th Step.

Tie the inside balloon.

Step 8: The 7th Step.

Now blow up the outside balloon until its a decent size bigger than the blue one. Now stuff the balloon inside all the way in it.

Step 9: The Final Step!

Tie the outside balloon and your done. Yay!