Balsa IPod Stand

Introduction: Balsa IPod Stand

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Step 1: 2 Legs

Cut out two stand legs looking like these.

Step 2: Sanding

Now you want to sand both of the legs down until they have rounded corners.

Step 3: Front Leg

Cut out a shorter front leg like the picture and then sand it down. Make sure all the bottom angles of the legs are the same.

Step 4: Body

Now cut a balsa rectangle just a little bit bigger than your I pod or I phone. Again you want to sand it down.

Step 5: I Pod Casing

Cut a peice if balsa with about the same width as the main body and make it about 2 cm high. Cut a hole for the charger to go through.

Step 6: Glue the Legs On

Now you glue the legs on the bottom of main body. Make sure the bottoms of the legs are all angled the same. If not the stand will fall

Step 7: Your Finished!!

Great job!! You just made you own I pod stand. I hope you like my instructable and please favourite. Also leave comments on how to improve my instructables. Thanks. ; )

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