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Introduction: Balsamic Vinegar & Honey Chicken Skewers

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The balsamic vinegar & honey added a nice light touch of flavor to
the chicken, and the quinoa & strawberry, goat cheese and nut salad were both a perfect compliment.

time: about 1 hour (marinade the night before)

serves 4

Step 1: Chicken Marinade


2.5 good sized boneless & skinless chicken breasts
4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

3 garlic cloves, minced

3 tablespoons honey

1 teaspoon fresh rosemary, minced, plus more for garnish

kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


1) The night before. Cut off any extra fat from the chicken breasts and then cut into 1 inch chunks and place in a gallon ziplock bag.

2) Mix all of the remaining ingredients together and pour into the gallon bag with the chicken. Mush around and refrigerate overnight.

Step 2: Cook the Chicken!

The day of.

1) Soak 3-4 wooden skewers in a shallow dish filled with water while getting the grill, quinoa and salad ready.

2) Right before the grill is ready, thread the chicken pieces onto the water-soaked wooden skewers.

3) Place the chicken skewers on the grill and cook until no longer pink, turning over so all sides get charred.

Step 3: The Salad!!




goat cheese

mixed seasoned/sugared nuts c

up of dried quinoa, cook according to package directions.


1) Wash the spinach

2) Wash and slice a good few handfuls of ripe strawberries, place on top of washed spinach.

3) Crumble goat cheese and throw a handful of mixed seasoned/sugared nuts on top.

Step 4: Eat It!

1) Load a plate up with the salad, cooked chicken skewers and quinoa.
2) Eat with your favorite beer, because it’ll make it that much better!

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    8 years ago

    looks great


    8 years ago

    lol...guess I missed it but the chicken is cooked I hope...


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, thanks! I missed adding it when I switched the recipe to step-by-step instructions.