Bam Boo Folding Hanger



Introduction: Bam Boo Folding Hanger

Hello. I will try to use bamboo and round stone as the natural materials for this project. For people that like to travel, it a good idea to have a folding coat hanger. It can fold in to a small piece and when it folded out, it will be regular size coat hanger. The piece goes together very nice, due to the colors of the natural materials make it looks very cool. The process is very easy to make. Let’s start.

The dimensions: My dimensions are 13 centimeters and 15 centimeters, for each dimension you will need 2 pieces and the hook (need to find some bamboo branch. (about the same size as the regular coat hanger).

Supplies that you need to do the Bam Boo Folding Hanger’s project.

1. Small Bamboo. It can be green or yellow (Fresh or dried).

2. Round color stones (Get color that will go together with the bamboo and string).

3. Color string for insert inside the bamboo. (I used orange string or any color).

Step 1: Looking for Bam Boo and Cut It

First, I need to look for the right size bamboo (Not too big or too small, if too small it will be hard to get the pointed metal stick go through the middle). Then I tape the bamboo with the masking tape and started to cut using the saw that have tiny teeth. I need 2 pieces of 13 and 15 centimeters (If the bamboo are the same size, it will looks better), and a hook that made from the connecting branch. It needs to be almost the same size on both side and make a cut at the about 5- 6 centimeters. (It should be able to hold the weight of the shirt or other clothes). Next is to use the sand paper to sand at the end of each piece and clean the piece with dry cloth.

Step 2: Insert the String Inside

After, that I get all bamboo pieces, I use the pointed metal stick to insert inside the bamboo to break through the internode by using the other block of wood to hit the end of the pointed metal stick. Then I rearrange all the bamboo pieces and the round stones to the shape of the coat hanger, to measure the string. Now I need to find the small bamboo branch that will fit inside the hold of the connecting piece and also can use it as the piece that will tighten the string (No need to tie the knot).

Then I start to tie the knot at the other end of the string and leave the leftover about 2 centimeters, next I insert 2 round stones and the longer bamboo piece (15 centimeters), and round stone and a short piece and short piece that have a small branch insert inside. (This small piece insert will connect to the other piece to make it longer, and be able to make the coat hanger to stay in triangle shape). When I almost to at the end, I tie the string around the 2 round stone and cut the string, insert the leftover string inside, and use the small branch insert inside (The other longer piece (15 centimeters). This way the string will not be lose. Now I will insert the leftover of the string to the hook by insert the string inside and insert the small branch inside (Before insert all the small branch, make sure that your string will not be too lose or too tight). Then I try to hang the shirt, it work well. You can bring the bamboo folding hanger to where ever you go.

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