Introduction: Bamboo Desk Organizer

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Eco-friendly and very easy to make.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools

1. Small Bamboo Pole

2. Drill

3. Wood Saw

4. Knife

5. Sand Paper

6. Glue

7. Optional: Magnetic Pad

Dimensions (reference)

- Pole lenght: 110mm

- Pole diameter: 85mm

- Hole diameter: 10mm

- Slot width: 10mm

- Slot lenght: 75mm

Step 2: Making

1. Cut bamboo to desired length. You have to cut a piece of bamboo that between two nodes.

2. Drilling and make the two holes at the top. Adjust the diameters according to size of your pencils or pens.

3. Cut a slot. Adjust the slot length and width according to size of your cards.

4. Sand the whole surface (inside and outside) and edges to make it smooth. Follow the bamboo fiber.

5. Remove a small section. Approximately 1/3 of the pole circunference.

6. Optional: Glue a magnetic pad in the small section.

7. Insert the small section inside the big section and glue.

8. Finish. Use your preferred finishing method.

Step 3: Other Versions

The project is very flexible you can add or remove holes and slots. I made other version with two holes and without a slot.

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