Introduction: Bamboo Dragonfly

This is what I made just for fun. We make the centroid point of the object on its mouth. It can stay on your finger or anything as shown in the picture.

Step 1: Material Preparation

Bamboo is sliced along its fiber. The length of bamboo for body should be at least 3dm and the length for wings should be 2dm.

Step 2: Apparatus

Main tool for doing this is a knife that be able to slice bamboo along its fiber easily. Also one driller which has diameter approximately about 3mm. Last one is a steel rod or I use iron sholdering instead.

Step 3: Slice Bamboo Into Shapes

Use the knife to slice the bamboo. Firstly, slice the end part that we would like to be tail, just slice on the both sides except the bottom and top sides. Then, slice bamboo to make 4 wings. The wings should be thick as possible and must be equal to each other to make it balance.

Step 4: Drill Holes for Wings

Put the two wings parallel to each other and make the two points on the body. Use driller to drill two holes. The direction of the holes must create angle about 20 degree with the body. Do this step to another part of the wings.

Step 5: Slice the Bamboo for Head

Use knife to slice the bamboo to make the head. Thickness of the head part is about 2.5 mm.

Step 6: Bend the Bamboo to Be Head

I use iron soldering to bend the bamboo. I suggest you to use a steel rod with diameter about 7 mm. Heat the rod until it almost red and put on the place as I shown in the picture and bend it.

Step 7: Smooth the Body

Use the knife to smooth the body. On the upper of the head become cracking after bending. That is why I didn't smooth the upper part. Cut some part of the head to make neck. This step you must be careful, otherwise you will destroy the head.

Step 8: Gluing the Part

When the parts are ready I use super glue to stick them together.

Step 9: Balancing

After I stuck all the parts together, I see the left part seem to be heavier. Then I use knife to slice the heavy part a little bit and balance it again. Do that until it balance and satisfy your want.