Bamboo Skewer Crossbow



Introduction: Bamboo Skewer Crossbow

Hello, this is my first instructable so please don't flame
(Constructive criticism is welcomed)

This is the almightily awesome beta bamboo skewer crossbow
i have made a few very good bamboo skewer crossbows and guns, the first gun shot about a foot, the second one shot far with no force, the third one hurt like a B*tch but was virtually impossible to load, and the fourth was perfect, until the loader fell off and a skewer shot threw my thumb and came out the back
(Hurt like hell, i now have a scar)
but this crossbow is probably the best one, if you follow the steps EXACTLY it should work great!

Step 1: Materials + Bendy Part

you will need the following materials

Bamboo Skewers-Ammo,x1 -Bendy part x3
Chopsticks-stock x2
twine-lots of twine for almost everything
hollowed out pen, Bic or Straw-Loader X1
Hot Glue-shouldn't need more then 2 or 3 sticks
Hot glue Gun

Step One,
take 3 skewers and put them in hot water to increase flexability, bend them every once in a while and let sit for about half an hour

after about half an hour bend them a little bit more and just let them dry, if you are unpatient like i am, just blowdry it until it is dry.

Step 2: Finish Bendy Thing

first take all three skewers and line them up so they are all bending the same way, then take some twine and start tying them together, then keep wrapping it around that end of the skewers, then do the same with the other end, with finished it should look something like the last picture

Step 3: Making the Stock

how to make the stock is simple, if you follow instructions
first take two chopsticks (Any type)
if it is a new pack, brake them apart and then do this step
Hotglue the two chopsticks together like so going over the cracks after so it doesnt ware out

then, wrap the bottom of the chopsticks (the narrow end) in twine so it doesnt fall apart (and to make it look cool)
then wrap the thick ends in twine as well IMPORTANT LOOK HERE: Leave about 1cm of space between the end of the thick part of the chopsticks and where you are tying the twine on the thick end

the thick end will be where you attack the bendy part and will now be reffered to as Front

Step 4: Connecting the Stock and the Bendy Part

First put a large blob of hot glue on the Front of the chopstick stock, then place the bendy thing on the large blob of glue and let dry.

once dry start wrapping it with twine wrap in a pattern something like this (lines indicating directions where you wrap the twine)
\\\\ //// ---- \\\\\\ ////// ----- _
once this is done add on a little bit more hot glue to place which may loom unsteady

Step 5: The Elastic Band *Dramatic Music*

this is the step in which the string/band is applied, the first thing you do is cut an appropriatly sized rubber band and attach it to one side, using hot glue LET IT DRY FIRST, VERY IMPORTANT
then onced dried take another elastic and wrap it around the recently hot glued side and then twist the band and wrap it again repeating the rubberband twist process

repeat with both sides with the second side pull the rubber band until it is very tight and then trim the extra and then hotglue it again and repeat the process used on the other side

Step 6: Attaching the Loader/Saftey Handle + Loading

this is an important step, as i once made a crossbow like this but without the saftey handle/loader and the skewer shot straight threw my thumb

First find a good reliable loader, like a straw or something strong yet small and cylindrical, i used a dissassembled bic pen,

next jsut hot glue it to the stock and the bendy thing straight threw the middle so it doesnt shoot off to the side

then wrap it up in twine just to make sure it is really secure

next, Load a bullet in by pushing it in through the top of the loader and pulling it back with your hand in the last picture shown here

Step 7: Have Some Fun!

and congratulations you finished it now just go have some fun, DO NOT SHOOT AT PEOPLE unless they want to be injured as it can pierce through human flesh (With the right rubber band) quite easily, enough to leave a rather nasty scar (Like mine)

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    i made this a long time ago out of my own invention. it stuck into my wall about an inch.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    the bendy thing is a bow good instructable 5 stars


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I found out a while in the future, this is old - Lol Still, Thanks!