Introduction: Bamboo Smartphone Stand


I spent less than 1h in this 'project'.

very popular in my office among the pro-environment people; I just got a recommendation to change the zip tie with other material.

No need to use the exact measures you can change them as your convenience.

Attention, I use a electric tool here, this procedure has a risk of injure if you use the tools inappropriately, I strongly recommend DO NOT use tools if it is your fist time, please take the guide of an expert to learn how use it under supervision.

Step 1: You Are Going to Need

Bamboo (33mm aprox)

Miter saw ( warning remember security first)

Self-locking zip ties

Step 2: Cutting the Bamboo

Use a miter saw to made the cuts, first 90grades cut at 150mm from the edge, then 20 grades cut. Be careful with the use of miter saw, risk of injure if you misuse it.

During the cut you must find the best wide and angle, test the stand after every cut with your smartphone.

Accidentally I cut the self-locking zip tie, no big deal, I just use a temporal cable to join them at the end I use a new zip tie.


Step 3: Use 2 Piece of Bamboo

Cut the bamboo in 4" pieces, we are going to use 2.

Join the 2 pieces with a self-locking zip tie.