Introduction: Bamboo Speakers

The natural resonance of the bamboo amplifies sound without the use of electricity. An Eco-friendly product you will be proud to make for yourself or your friends.

Credits to CH.AF

Step 1: Cut Bamboo to Desired Length

Make sure it is long enough to shape.

Step 2: Clean Out the Inside of the Bamboo

You can use a half round file and/or sand paper (100 grit) as necessary.

Step 3: Cut Both Sides at a Desired Angle

suggested angle (30-60 degrees)

Step 4: Sand Bottom of Bamboo Speaker

Step 5: Drill Two 3/4" Holes at the Top

Slot should be 3 1/2" long (For iPhone or similar sized devices)

Adjust slot lengths according to size of device.

Step 6: Use a Saber Saw to Cut Out the Device Hole.

Some refer to this as a jig saw.

Step 7: Drill Two to Three 3/4" Holes in the Front.

For possible better sound projection.

Alternative would be cutting two small slots in the front.

Step 8: Sand. Keep Sanding. Just Sand It.

Step 9: Finish.

We sprayed with clear glass lacquer. The black speaker was brushed with black automotive lacquer and then sprayed with clear gloss. Inside was either sprayed with clear gloss lacquer or painted with acrylic paints and then sprayed with clear gloss lacquer.