Bamboo Splitter - No Weld - Cheap




Introduction: Bamboo Splitter - No Weld - Cheap

Here's a cheap tool I've made for splitting bamboo 4 ways.

It took me about 30 minutes and a few pieces of scrap metal to build it.

it's recycled and required no weld.

ideal for splitting bamboo any size in 4 even pieces.

for backyard projects such as lattice, privacy screen and fences.

Step 1: What You Need

Here's what you need :

- 4 corner brackets ( I reused/recycled brackets from a metal shelving unit )

- 8 metal screws, 8 washers, 8 lock wash and 8 bolts

- a hacksaw for cutting the brackets

- a grinder to smooth the sharp edges

- screwdriver and wrench

Step 2: Assembly

Position the brackets corner to corner in order to form a X shape.

Make sure that the brackets are flush one to the other for better symmetry.

use the metal screw, washer, lock washer and bolt to assemble.

I used 2 screws for each bracket

Step 3: Final Touch

once tightened, I used the grinder to cut the screw so the screws are flush with the bolt.

Grind any sharp edges.

Step 4: Time to Split Some Bamboo

Position the splitter in the center of the bamboo cane.

use a sledge hammer to start the splitting.

Hammer down until the bamboo splits.

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    5 years ago

    thats pertty cool! I was trying to work with bamboo for a project and attemted to use a hand saw to split the thing in half. ya bad Idea took forever and was ALOT of work

    The Mean Jean Machine
    The Mean Jean Machine

    Reply 5 years ago

    I was trying to split bamboo with a blade (and a very sharp small axe) but did not seem to get even pieces ! I did not want to spend money on a splitter and I needed the tool right away. Have fun with your projects !