Introduction: Bamboo Survival Kit

Bamboo is a very useful material. It has been used for centuries, and in many places as: water purifiers, tea, weapons, baskets, storage equipment and much more. In this instructable we decided to show you how to utilize your bamboo for many survival purposes. All you need for this project is bamboo and some other readily available materials like string, fire, a rock, etc. This instructable was made with @Ronnies123, so if you can, go give him a follow.

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Step 1: Making a Bamboo Hammer or Weapon

Take a joint of bamboo and cut through the joint barrier at one end. Then take a heavy rock and crack the bamboo. Then take either a sharp or flat stone ( the flat one for a hammer or club, the sharp one for a knife) put it in the crack and tie it to the bamboo.

Step 2: Making a Bottle or Storage Container From Bamboo

Take a joint of bamboo and cut away one side of the joint barrier. The bamboo is naturally waterproof so you can now use it as a bottle or storage container.

Step 3: Cooking Food in Bamboo

Take a piece of bamboo and split it in half then place your desired food on top of it. This food can be anything, then place it over a fire.

Step 4: Brewing Bamboo Leaf Tea

Take about five bamboo leaves and dry them. Then crumble them up and steep them in hot water for around three minutes. You should probably add sugar as this tea is not very sweet.

Step 5: Making Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is a very useful item it can be used as a water purifier, for your skin, etc. To make this take some bamboo and wrap it in tinfoil try to make it as airtight as possible. WARNING : This will smell pretty bad. Take the bamboo and burn it in the tinfoil if it is burning correctly white smoke should be coming from the foil. Burn it until the foil turns yellow. Then after the charcoal cools you can use it as you please.

Step 6: You Did It!!!!

Great job you finished I hope you enjoyed this project.


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