Introduction: Bamboo Fencing

 I use bamboo fencing for a number of things in the garden. 
As a trellis, it will support flowers such as morning glories.
As a teepee, it can support heavier things like green beans
and other climbers. I have even used it for supporting tomatoes. 

Step 1: Bean Trellis


Step 2: Flat Upright Trellis


Step 3:

 Shown is a flat trellis sketched over a row of morning glories. The trellis disappears behind all the greenery as the morning glories grow. The illustration shows how the trellis supports the flowers.

Step 4: Tomato Cages

 These are simply upright bamboo stakes driven into the ground
and secured with jute twine.
Tie the shoots to the sides of the cage as shown in the photo below.
Even the garden gate has been reinforced and decorated with bamboo.
More on that in another instructable.
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