Introduction: Bamboo Fishing Tackle Box

About: I like to design and build things while being myself.

I really like to go on a relaxing camping trip to go and catch a big one

I only specialize in catching carp most of the time

It is always so difficult to take all your tackle and baits with you and all of those tackle boxes that you can buy are always too crapy or too expensive.

So I thought why not to build my own one.The cool thing about building the box yourself is that you can make it the way you want it and not the way the manufacturers of tackle boxes want it.

I used Bamboo wood because it doesn't swell if it is in water and it is a very strong and also a quite good looking kind of wood.

I glued all of the pieces together and I pop rivited 4 pieces of aluminum angles to each corner piece of the box.

The reason for this is that it gives it a good look and it gives it a lot of strength to the box.I also made it a bit longer for it to act as feet for the box to stand on.

I 've been using it and I am very satisfied and I hope all of you out there reading this will also be satisfied.

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