Introduction: Banana Bread With Maple Syrup

Today we are going to banana bread with some maple syrup.


So what you are going to need is half a bar of butter ,brown sugar,vanilla extract .4 eggs,flour,7 bananas ,baking soda or baking powder ,,also salt,bread pan,vegetable oil, .a mixer or mixing bowl depending on which have your oven set to 350 degrees and on preheat.

Step 1: Adding the Ingredients

what you want to do is get your mixer or mixing bowl, cut your half bar of butter into little pieces then add it to the mixing bowl then grab your bananas and cut them into half then add all the eggs make sure no shells get into the mix then add 1 tea spoon salt after let it mix in the mixer .

Step 2: Mixing While Adding

When it looks all mashed up keep it mixing while its mixing add 2 cups of brown sugar, after add 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract after your done adding the vanilla extract after add half a cup of maple syrup then let everything to mix.

Step 3: Flour Then Off to the Oven

Then when everything is done mixing add four cups of flour to the mix and 1 teaspoon of baking soda wait for it to mix when there is no more flour that you can see its done mixing then grab your bread pan then oil it with vegetable oil after your done with that grab a spoon a pour out make sure to scoop out any remains that is left in the bowl into the bread pan then pop it the oven leave there for an hour. make sure to check on after a hour by poking a toothpick if it comes out clean your done.And that is how you make banana bread with maple syrup.