Introduction: Banana Cakes

I'll be showing you how to prepare banana cake .

A quite simple recipe .

Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients to be used :


baking powder



food colour

Step 2: Preparation

To make this i used a food grinder/blender.

all ingredients were added then blender to make a paste.

picture :

1) bananas are placed in the bowl;

2)baking powder is used about 1 teaspoon;

4)sugar and butter and flour is added;

6)after mixing all of them food colour is added "crimson pink & apple green".

*Image quality is not good as my mobile has low resolution camera.

Step 3: Mould Grease

the moulds is greased using non salt butter,

Step 4: Cooking

Finally the moulds is placed in oven to be cooken .

pre-heated 15 min ~90deg
cooking 10 min ~120 deg

after cooking allow it to be cool .

Step 5: Final

these are the final images of the cake after cooking,

i took using my dslr.

thanks for watching my instructables

Step 6: