Introduction: Banana Carving

Although this is a very simple piece of art, it catches the eye of others. There are only a few things you need that you will find scattered through your house, with no cost at all, and will be finished in less than an hour.


What you'll need...

  • banana
  • pin or toothpick (optional, but I highly recommend it)
  • a small, sharp knife
  • pencil (optional)
  • computer
  • cutting board,

Step 1: Finding a Photo

The first step to getting started with your carving is finding a photo. Whatever pops into your head, just search it on the web, and find one you like. Make sure you find the right one for you because once you start cutting, there is no going back unless you have more bananas. You might also be able to use one of those stick-on tattoos and put it on the banana and trace it. I haven't tried using the tattoo, so you'll have to experiment.

Step 2: Making a Small Outline

With your pencil in hand, make a small outline of what you will be poking at. This will just help to have exactly what you want. Don't use a pen though, because you won't be able to get rid of it. (I tried this myself and found out the hard way)

Step 3: Poking Away

Now that you have found your photo and made an outline, you can start poking away with one of those pins you find on a map. Make sure you go deep enough and poke close together for the outline. The rest of it can be light pokes for you won't need to remove the rest of the skin around it. Make sure you get all the details and keep a steady hand.

Step 4: Cut Away All the Excess Skin

Now you can cut out around the shape you have made, so it is the only thing left on the banana, or you can cut a small portion around it, which I believe will look better, although I didn't do this myself. Once this is finished, you are completely done.