Introduction: Banana Dragster

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Do you like Velocity?

Do you like extreme races like drag ones?

Do you like Bananas?

If yes at all, follow me to the starting lane on the extreme banana's race!

We make a really easy recipe, a Banana Dragster! And ... What is it? This is the extremest and fastest way to eat... BANANAS!

To do this instructables, you only need the following materials and follow the picts   :
-1 Banana
- Some Tooth picks
- 1 knife
- hunger

Step 1: 1 Build the Chassis

Peel the banana
Cut the banana as showed in picts 1-002 and 1-003 to make the dragster base or chassis.

Step 2: 2 the Cockpit

Cut / Take off the V-shaped cockpit as you can see in pic 2-001.

Cut five banana slices, two of them wider to make the rear weels, and one of them smaller than the others to make the steering wheel.

Cut a toothpick by the half, and use it to stick the steering wheel to the cockpit. (see pic 2-002)

Step 3: 3 - Wheels and Spoilers

Stick two half toothpick to where the rear spoiler goes, and upside them, place a banana square shaped slice.

Measure a toothpick to make it as long as wide is the banana and two of the weels. (see pic 3-003).
Stick in this toothpick one of the weels through the whole toothpick until the wheel reaches the non spined (because we cut it) side of the toothpick. Stick the toothpick in the chassis and in the still spined side of the toothpick, stick another wheel.
Repeat this for the other pair of wheels on the other side of the banana.

Step 4: 4 - Run & Eat!

3, 2, 1, Race and Eat!

Ah! But make sure to take off the toothpicks before eat this fast banana!

Buen provecho!

P.D. You can use this Banana dragster to decorate a racetrack shaped birthday cake...