Introduction: Banana Split

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This is my Faux-Real Banana Split!!!!

Step 1: Lets Get Started!!

~ Take enough model magic modeling material and make a banana that fits the dish it will sit in. Carefully cut it in half length wise & set to the side to air dry.

~ If you will be using strawberries you can make them with the model magic & slice a few slices, leave a few whole, (if whole you can make the greenery on end with the magic also). Take toothpick & lightly make a bunch of little indents on outside of berries.

~ After fruit is dry, you may want to lightly sand banana so smooth then its time to give it a lil color by painting the berries, the stem, the indents on berries & the banana. Let dry and I like adding a lil Sculpey glaze to give a shine.

~ I took an ice scream scooper and scooped into 3 different containers, a scoop of Kinetic sand. I put brown paint in one & vanilla & strawberry color paint in other two. I mixed each one till I got my desired colors of ice cream.

~ When fruit is dry, lay banana in dish & using scooper scoop each color of ice cream and place down center of banana, in a row.

~ Next I took dark brown paint and drizzled it all over the fruit & ice cream. Then I took shaving cream & squirted it over top of everything. I had to take my finger and manipulate the cream a bit so it looked more like actual whipped cream.

~ Next I placed the strawberries around the dish & again took the dark brown paint & drizzled lightly over the whole dish & last but not least, I sprinkled cut up lil pieces of a craft stick to resemble nuts. Stuck a spoon in it & 'SHABANG, BANANA SPLIT!' NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION


1. Banana split dish

2. Model Magic

3. Acrylic Paints in your choice of colors

4. Shaving cream

5. small pieces of wood (peanut size)

6. Kinetic Sand

7. mixing containers

8. paint brushes, toothpicks, sandpaper

10. Sculpey Satin Glaze

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