Introduction: Banana Mousse With Strawberry Jam and Summer Berries

This instructable is for a banana mousse, which is very easy to make, cheap and very beautiful too!
I hope my instractable will be easy and clear to understand! If you decide to make it yourself - good luck and bon apetit!

Step 1: Ingredients

Serves four.
400ml double cream
5 table spoon of icing sugar
Half a tea spoon of vanilla essence
2 bananas
Strawberry jam

For the decoration you will need: cooking chocolate, piping bag with a very small round nozzle, berries, fresh mint herb will be great too (I didn't have mint and had to use ready-made icing petals). Use icing sugar to sprinkle your dessert right at the end as a last touch!

Step 2: Making a Banana Mouse

Pour the double cream in a mixing bowl, add 4 or 5 table spoons of icing sugar (you don't need it very sweet as jam is sweet as it is), add half a tea spoon of vanilla essence and banana chunks. Mix all these until the mixture becomes thick.
Take a strawberry jam and put a couple of spoonfuls on the bottom of the cup you are going to serve the mousse in. Cover the jam with the banana mousse, put cling film over it and put it away in the fridge and start making chocolate decorations.

Step 3: Chocolate Decorations

I draw leaves and some wriggly sticks on a plain paper and  put my drawings under the baking paper. I melted the cooking chocolate, poured it in the piping bag and started following the lines on the baking paper.  After making chocolate drawings, I put it in the freezer for couple of minutes to make it harder.

Step 4: Decorating the Banana Mouse

Cut the berries and decorate the banana mousse with them (arrange the berries the way you want). Take the chocolate decorations out from the freezer and stick them inside the banana mousse behind the berries. Sprinkle all with icing sugar!

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