Introduction: Bananas Foster: Quick, Easy, and Delicious

This recipe guide will help you create a delicious sugary dessert, that not only taste amazing but can also impress an audience. The recipe will show guide you step by step through making this dessert. The approximate prep time is 5 mins or less the cook time is roughly 15-30 mins depending on your level of cooking ability. This recipe requires minimal to moderate cooking experience. The cost of this dessert should cost around 10-20 dollars depending on prior supplies.

WARNING: Open flames are required for the cooking of this dessert, people under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by an adult while completing the final steps. 

Liquor is required for this recipe, an adult of the appropriate age to purchase the liquor is needed. If under the legal age of your area ask an adult to help and supervise. 

Step 1: Ingredients Needed

Unsalted Butter
Brown Sugar
Banana Liqueur
Vanilla Ice Cream

Step 2: Ingredient Amounts for Two Servings

1/8 cup Unsalted Butter
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon
1oz Banana Liqueur
2 Bananas
1oz Rum
Vanilla Ice Cream

For different number of people multiply the recipe accordingly, for 4 people double the ingredients.

Step 3: Preparation Before Any Heat

Cut Bananas in half
Cut the halves in half again length wise
Pour liquors into shot glasses or other glass wear to provide easy pouring into dish
Get proper amount of cinnamon measured and set aside
Measure the 1/2 cup of compressed brown sugar
Have butter ready to put into the skillet

Step 4: Preparing Sugar Glaze/Sauce

Place butter onto skillet
Turn stove to medium to medium low heat depending on skillet material
When butter is melted stir in the sugar and cinnamon continue until the sugar mixture begins to melt 

Step 5: Adding Liquor and Bananas

Once the sugar begins to liquefy add bananas 

WARNING: Dropping Bananas can lead to splashing for sugar sauce resulting in serious burns, the sugar glaze also may become stuck to skin or hair resulting in continuing injury. If splash onto skin occurs rinse skin with cold water to rinse the sugar sauce off without continuation of injury.

WARNING: If using gas stove that has an open flame skip next step until pouring the rum into skillet

Once bananas have been added, pour banana liqueur into sauce pan carefully
Let liqueur cook with bananas and flip after a short period roughly 2 minutes

Step 6: Preparing Ice Cream Before Final Step

While your bananas foster cooks with the banana liqueur, scoop your vanilla ice cream into your bowls of choice. 
Have your bowls close to your stove for when you finish the next step.

Step 7: FIRE Time

DANGER: The next steps require lighting liquor on fire which could result in serious injury or death, also could cause property damage. 

If cooking with a gas stove
When adding the rum to your bananas foster start the pour near edge of skillet, continue to pour the rest into the skillet. Pouring at the edge will result in spillage into the open flame lighting the rest of the skillet.

If cooking with electric stove
When adding the rum to your bananas foster pour the rum directly into the skillet carefully. Light the rum with a grill or fireplace light or match, ones that have a long reach as to not burn your hand. Do not use a standard match or lighter, injury will occur.

Once lit move skillet from stove into an open area with plenty of clearance above your head keeping skillet away from your body and other objects.
Let the liquor continue to burn and move skillet around to stir up the bananas foster. Let the flame die entirely to eliminate the physical liquor being left and tainting the taste of your dish. If your preference is to have a liquor taste to your bananas foster you can extinguish flame early by covering the dish with a lid.

Step 8: Final Step! Dessert Is Served

Pick the bananas out of the sauce with tongs and place them onto your ice cream.
Once you have placed the bananas on the ice cream pour the sauce equally over the ice cream.

Pair a spoon with the bowl and you now have finished bananas foster to dine on after a great meal, or just for a delicious dessert. When eating the dessert try to pair the bananas and ice cream together in each bite for best flavor. The melted ice cream sauce is also tasty, so don't waste a drop.

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