Introduction: Band Saw Box

For this project you will need three pieces of wood , but make sure they aren't thicker than the clearance of your band saw blade.


  • Band saw
  • Belt sander
  • Clamps
  • Glue
  • Pattern
  • Safety

When making the band saw box first things first, goggles are always needed also make sure all machines are working correctly and all safety measures are correct.

Step 1: Gluing

First you will need three wood blocks one should be a bit thicker than the others. Once you have them lined up , glue them together make sure you get all of the wood especially the corners, but make sure you don't spill glue all over everything.

Step 2: Pattern

Draw a design that matches where you want the cabinets.(Be creative, Make your own design!) Place and glue the design onto the boards as shown.

Step 3: Cutting and Sanding Into Overall Shape

Once the glue on connecting the wood and pattern has hardened cut out the outside of the shape, once that's done sand the extra bit of wood off it should end up like this.

Step 4: Cutting Out Drawers

Once the outside of your box is around the shape you want you can start to cut out the drawers.

The way I cut my drawers was I followed my line and cut all the way around one then backtracked the blade all the way out then slid the blade back into the point so i could cut the second drawer out this is what it looked like after I cut out both drawers.

Step 5: Making Holes in Drawers

To make the pockets in the drawers you cut a sliver off of the front and back of each drawer then cut a curved line but make sure the bottom is thick enough to not be bent and broken it should look roughly like this.

Step 6: Sanding Inside of Drawers

Once the drawers have been emptied out you can sand the inside as much as you like especially if you are giving it as a gift.

Step 7: Gluing Drawers Back Toghether

Once you're happy with the smoothness of your drawer you will need to glue the front and back, back onto the empty core piece then use 3 clamps for each drawers. It should end up like this

Step 8: Adding a Back Plate to Restrain Drawers

You will need this so when the drawers goes in it wont fall through the back.

Step 9: Handles

What I did was I went on the easel and cut out some moustaches. After that i sanded then to a nicely width I glued them to my cabinet (MAKE SURE YOU'RE GLUING THEM TO THE RIGHT SIDE!!!)

Step 10: Optional Step: Staining

If you want to or if you have the mineral oil you can stain it this is what my box looks like after staining

Step 11: Finish

You are now done and you can enjoy your hard work!