Introduction: Bandana Sling Pack

This is a quick, simple, and effective way to turn a bandana into a pack that you can sling over your shoulder or wear around your waist. There is no sewing involved, only tying a couple knots!

I absolutely love this design. I made two while camping a few weeks ago -- I had one over my shoulder and the other around my waist. Both were extremely comfortable.

One can hold a surprising amount of stuff inside. I once had my phone, wallet, keys, chapstick, a notebook and pen, my sunglasses, and a handkerchief... and there was still room for more. Not only that, but there are two separate compartments inside, so my phone and sunglasses were safe from being scratched by my keys!

This is one for the books. I'll never go camping without one or two of these again!

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:

  • A regular bandana(the more square, the better)
  • Rope or Paracord
    • One 5-ft piece is enough
    • Two shorter pieces can be used instead

Step 2: Folding

Folding the bandana is simple, but it is best if your bandana is square and not rectangular. Here is a diagram as well as a video for how to fold your bandana.

Folding in this way guarantees things cannot fall out of the pack. It also creates 2 separate inner compartments with 4 layers of cloth between them, which offers some padding (to protect sunglasses from keys, for example).

Step 3: Tying the Ends

With the flap closed, tie a double sheet bend around both top corners. This knot is perfect for attaching rope to fabric, and is very reliable if tied and dressed correctly. (Even if you already know how to tie a double sheet bend, the video shows the best way to tie it in this situation.)

Then tie the loose end to the main part of the rope using a double overhand knot.

After more than 3 weeks of carrying around my pack full, it hasn't come undone even once. I even went jogging with it.

Step 4: Done!

That's it! Now you have a pack that can be worn as a hip pack / fanny pack, or slung around your shoulder.

Features to Note:

  • 2 separate pockets, with padding in-between
    • protect your sunglasses/phone from your keys
    • * However, things can move between pockets on one side. Feel inside and you'll find this.
  • 1 "shove-it" pocket accessible from the side
    • A handkerchief or another bandana will stay in here from friction
  • Hood flap
    • Keeps things from coming out when closed
  • Carabiner attachment loops

Extra things to consider:

If you use 1 rope you may need to shorten the length of it so it fits correctly. Some good knots for this are:

  1. Sheep shank
  2. Handcuff knot with locking half-hitches on each side
  3. slip knot with a locking half-hitch

If you use 2 ropes then there are other options:

  1. Simply tie it like a shoelace to achieve the desired length
  2. Create a toggle for quick connect/disconnect, by tying a loop on one side and a stopper knot on the other
  3. Create a carabiner latch by tying a loop on each side and hooking the carabiner into both

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